Thursday, August 20, 2009

Technology and beginners....

Starting with our Hula Hotties jam on the 27th, we will begin testing some new technology.

Big special thank you to Mark "Spanky" Gutierrez and Kathy Levine for the great idea of using the computer projector for new music, and to Don Aspromonte for helping move the idea forward by bringing th projector and helping with the music...

What Mark does is use a computer projector to blow up music onto a wall where everyone can see it. This does a couple great things:

1) Everyone is looking up, where an audience would be, instead of buried in sheet music.
2) It cuts down on printing costs.
3) It saves all that hand out time -- "I need page two! I have two page ones!"

It amazes me how technology has changed with the ukulele. When I started playing, there wasn't much out there regarding chords, music, etc. Now, the technology allows key changing on the fly, huge collections of music, tips, chord bulding, printing software that doesn't have to be arm wrestled into a Word or Excel document, and recording equipment that is both inexpensive and fast. It's all been fabulous for the resurgence of the ukulele.

When I started, the only site out there, for the most part, was Now, there's a world of them -- There are now sites that just list other sites!

The uke is a very simple, basic instrument. I think the amazing fancy technology today is in part responsible for the resurgence and popularity of this little gem.

For me, I am happy to take advantage of everything I can to allow more people to enjoy the uke!


  1. What a great guy you are teaching the Uke. Believe me if you come to one of the jam sessions you WILL go away knowing you can play a song or two.
    Of course behind every great man is a great women Kathy his wife who organizes all the jam session and is super effecient.
    Lots of social activities and great people.
    Cheers Grenda.

  2. I will echo what Grenda said, and add my applause for the computer projection idea. That sounds like a great advancement for the group, and I hope it works out well. If any group members want to share new songs in such a way, will we be able to make use of the computer projection as well? If so, should we bring the song(s) on a flash drive or can a hard copy be projected? Or might we send it to you in advance, as an attachment to an email? If that's not an option, we can just continue to bring hard copies.

  3. Hey, I am so honored ... glad the projector worked for you!


  4. Grenda: Thanks for the kind words! I hope you can see my reply on here...So VERY true about Kathy!
    Tim: The best way to share music will probably be ahead of time. We are just punching it into a Powepoint presentation....Of course, the "old" method of bringing copies will still work!
    Mark: You are the BEST!