Thursday, August 20, 2009

Give 'em The Finger!

One of the great things I have always noticed about the ukulele is the 1st position C chord: It’s made with one finger.

Now, the C chord is somewhat significant because of it’s simplicity and center in the music world. In truth, I suppose, it could be any other one finger chord: Am, Cm, and others.

In truth, “music” could be said to center almost anywhere. However, when you look at a piano, what note is in the center? The C. I rest my case.

Plus, when talking to beginners, it’s much better then saying something weird like “Except for jazz players from Chicago, who prefer 9th chords with a G root”. You want a strong, simple front for teaching.

I go about as overboard as I can when I talk about it: I want learning a handful of chords to be a watershed moment. I want it to be a door opening in someone’s life. I want people to feel phenomenal about learning the C chord.

After all, the ukulele changed my life. It gave me identity and focus and purpose. It gave me a mission and a theme. It colored my life. Hard not to get passionate about that when sharing with others.

And apparently, passion works. Passion teaches. Passion conveys meaning: Dallas Ukulele Headquarters has more people attending our beginner workshops then our regular jam sessions.

Glad to have them. Welcome aboard.

That’s the first thing I teach, and the first thing I share.

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  1. nice post! tell us more about how you discovered the uke and why it made such an impact on you